With My Last Breath

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Courtney Cole 147

With My Last Breath, Book Three

"My love," he began. "All will be well. Look at how far we’ve come. The Fates are trapped in the underworld and they will never escape, Cerberus will see to that.

Without their intervention, we will find Zeus before you know it. And with Zeus’

power, all will be restored, just as Hecate said."

"Do you really believe that?" I whispered, keeping my gaze fixed on his handsome face.

"Of course I do," he replied firmly. "We’re together now and we shall never be separated again. We have this one final quest, this one last journey to complete, before everything is made perfect and whole again. We will find our daughter and our family will be complete."

He sounded so certain, so sure, that I could scarcely doubt it. And I knew that he was right. We had come so far, traveling over oceans of time already. What was one last journey? We had the powers of the Spiritlands and my bloodstone at our fingertips and we would search every corner of the earth. It was not impossible.

I nodded limply, grasping his hand as I allowed my mind to wander. Raquel’s jade green eyes filled my thoughts. Her little face always seemed so sad and that haunted me. I wanted nothing more than to make her happy.

"And I, too," Cadmus agreed, reading my thoughts. "And we will. Once we get her back, she will be the happiest little girl in the world. I will make sure of it."

He bent to kiss my forehead and I clung to him, inhaling his strength. I would certainly need it on our quest. One final journey. It sounded so simple, like a last trip in an old car or a final visit to a store going out of business. But it wasn’t the same.

Our journey would not be simple. I knew that already, even without using powers of prophecy. There would be pitfalls and obstacles and challenges that I couldn’t even conceive of right now.

But I was stronger than I thought. I had proven that to myself time and time again.

I was not weak…I was the Chosen One. And as the Chosen One, I knew that every journey since the beginning of time has always started with a single step. I sighed and swung my legs out of bed.

The End

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