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Her arousal didn’t diminish. Leaning up, she cupped his cheek and kissed his lips. “Tate is a woman to be proud of. She’s got a Skull who loves her and a beautiful son. Lash and Nash are both brilliant fathers. They’re good boys, and we’re going to have a son or daughter who’ll make you proud.” She covered his hand over her stomach. “Now shut up and f**k me.”

Tiny gave her everything she needed and more. Seven months later, Tiny got more than he bargained for as Eva gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.


Killer stood beside his bike waiting for Kelsey to get out of work. For the last year they’d rarely seen each other between the successful rebuild of the compound, and with him going between Vegas and Fort Wills, Killer hadn’t the time to visit her. He’d seen Kelsey when she visited Tate at the club house. Beside the few glances, he never got the chance to see her. He’d been the one nominated to go with Alex whenever the need arose.

Tiny wouldn’t leave his wife and twins, and none of the other boys wanted to go to Vegas.

He was back, the compound was finished, and he was able to show Kelsey he was ready for a commitment. After Snitch he’d avoided her looking at him. She knew he was the one responsible for killing one of their men. He didn’t know if the knowledge affected her, but he wasn’t prepared to take that risk.

Women left the dental surgery, giggling as they saw him. He didn’t give them any of his attention. Kelsey walked out, looking toward him. Her hair was longer, and she’d allowed the cherry blonde color to seep out to the light brown of her normal hair color.

“Killer,” she said, smiling.

Her approach was awkward. All he wanted to do was draw her into his arms. Killer hadn’t felt the pleasure of another woman in such a long time.

“Hey, Kels. How are you?” he asked.

“I’m doing good. You’re back in Fort Wills?”

“Yeah.” He reached out, taking her hand.

She didn’t pull away from his touch as she looked him up and down. “I haven’t seen you around. I didn’t get chance to ask Tate how you were doing.”

“I’ve been back and to and from Vegas. Club shit needed sorting out.” Standing up, he offered to walk with her. “Kels, there is something I want to talk to you about,” he said, walking beside her.

“Really? What about?” She pulled her hand away as they walked toward her building. He liked the fact they were not too far from where she lived.

“I was hoping that you would go out with me.” His palms were all sweaty as he stared at her.

Kelsey looked hopeful, and then her face dropped as she looked behind him. While he’d been thinking about the best way to ask her on a date a limo had driven up behind him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, taking hold of her hand. The driver climbed out, moved to the back, and opened the door.

A man in a tailored suit climbed out. Killer looked him up and down as he approached Kelsey.

His woman’s hands were all sweaty.

“You promised you wouldn’t come here,” Kelsey said, talking to the man.

“You wouldn’t answer my calls, and I’ve finally gotten some free time.” The man looked at where Killer was holding her hand. “Am I interrupting something?”

“Yeah, you are. Who the f**k are you?”  Killer asked.

“Killer, I think it’s best you leave. I’ve give you a call.” Kelsey tried to push him away, but he wasn’t moving. He wanted to know what was going on with this f**king prick stood right in front of him.

“I’m Michael Granito, Kelsey’s husband.”

The End

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