The Pretend Boyfriend

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The Pretend Boyfriend (The Pretend Boyfriend #1)(22)
Author: Artemis Hunt

“To new beginnings.”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“I said ‘That cute guy is grinning at you.”

“What cute guy? Where?” Caleb appears outraged.

Brian throws his head back and laughs.

“That one.” He jabs at the middle of the dance floor, where people are jumping, whirling, writhing in severe contortions (possibly of pain?) and basically doing their primal pre-mating ritual.

There’s a bobbing head that looks painfully familiar. Brown untamed curls. Pert cute smiling face. Zumba-like dance moves.

No shit.

He’s aware that he’s looking at Sam. And her dancing has been taken up yet another notch since they last were together. She’s wearing . . . not a bandeau top . . . but close. A hot red little number that shows off her curves and with more confidence than he has ever seen on her. Her skirt is definitely flirty – a tie-dyed parasol number that twirls prettily as she spins.

She is dancing with Cassie, who is looking marvelous in a shiny black number. Several guys are looking over longingly at the two of them.

Brian’s smile stretches wide.

“You seeing what I’m seeing?” Caleb yells above the din.

“Yeah. Kismet.”

“It’s almost like you described it back at the party. Only Sam is not dancing with a dude with greasy hair and a T-shirt that says – ”

“‘FUCK ME GENTLY’,” they chorus.

And laugh.

Brian shrugs. “What can we do?”

His feet are still rooted to the spot.

“I don’t know about you,” Caleb says, “but I’m going down there.”

Brian watches his best friend weave through the throng to go to Cassie. Caleb taps a delighted Cassie on the shoulder. She swings and registers genuine surprise. They hug and begin to dance together.

Sam is left floundering, but not for long. A dude with a shock of hair – which is unfortunately not greasy – cuts in to dance with her instead.

To hell if he’s going to let that happen.

Brian takes a long swig of his beer and slaps it down on the bar. Then he elbows his way through the sweaty, shiny bodies until he reaches Sam.

“Take a hike,” he says to the dude. “I wanna dance with my former girlfriend.”

The smile that lights Sam’s face up brings a pang to his heart.

She puts one hand on his shoulder and the other in his hand, and together, they dance the night away.

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