The Pretend Boyfriend 2

Page 23

The Pretend Boyfriend 2 (The Pretend Boyfriend #2)(23)
Author: Artemis Hunt

Sam flops into the chair. She makes a big to do about removing her shoes.

“Oh my God, I love your color,” she says to the woman. “What is it?”

The woman looks up. Her eyes are a dark grey, Sam notices. The hues of contact lenses. They contrast sharply with her red hair. Her nose is extremely slim. Almost perfect, like that of a movie star’s. And her br**sts. Oh yeah, people are bound to notice those protuberant tits.

The woman hesitates, as though she is wary of talking to strangers.

“Oh sorry, don’t mind me. I’m Samantha.” Sam holds her hand out. “And as you can see, my nails are in severe need of TLC.”

After a moment, the woman takes her hand. “I’m Delilah.”

“And the color is ‘A Good Mandarin is hard to find’,” offers the manicurist. He picks up the lacquer bottle from the floor and hands it to Sam. “Want to try it?”

“I should.” Sam flashes Delilah a brilliant smile as her plan kicks into gear. She hates doing this, but she has no choice. Brian’s innocence is paramount. “So Delilah, do you come here often?”

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