The Leopard Prince

Page 80

The Leopard Prince (Princes #2)(80)
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

George looked at him and felt a great bubble of joy well up inside her. Harry watched her as if she were the center of his soul. He wasn’t smiling, but his beautiful emerald eyes were warm and serene.

When it came time to pledge herself to Harry, George leaned toward him and whispered, “I forgot one thing when I told you about the end of the fairy tale.”

Her almost husband smiled down at her and asked gravely, “What was that, my lady?”

She savored the moment and the love in his eyes, then declared, “And they lived happily ever after!”

“So they did,” Harry whispered back, and kissed her. Vaguely she heard the vicar moan, “No, no, not yet!” and then, “Oh, never mind. I pronounce you man and wife.”

And that was how it should be, George thought as she opened her mouth beneath her husband’s. She was Harry’s wife.

And Harry was her man.

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