The Hazards of Sex on the Beach

Page 58

The Hazards of Sex on the Beach (Hazards #3)(58)
Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

“What?” I started to sit up, but his lips had me pinned down.

“Just for two nights then we’re doing something just the two of us.”

“Is that what you really want?”

“Yes. The thing is, seeing your ex with someone doesn’t hurt when you’re bringing the most amazing girl with you. I realized something a few weeks ago. I want her to be happy. I want her to be happy because I owe her for seeing what I couldn’t at first. For giving me the chance to find the girl I was actually meant to be with.”

I kissed him. I’d kissed him a lot that day, but I needed his lips more. He responded again at first, but then stopped suddenly.

“On the topic of favors and questions, I have one more.” He gave me his puppy dog face. “Any chance you’d do some of the Sinister Summer tour with me?”

I smiled, ready to let him in on my own surprise. “I have my press pass ready. I’m covering the tour for a local music blog my professor told me about. The tour was more than willing to give me a spot since I already had my own lodging and transportation.”

“Oh yeah, you think someone’s going to let you stay with them?”

“I know he is.”

He kissed me gently. “I love this confidence.”

“Me too.” I moved on top of him. “And you can play the lake house song again. I see it for what it was.”

“It doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. I’m just going to play Forever Girl at every show.”

“Forever Girl? Is that what it’s called?”

“Yes, fitting name, isn’t it?”

“I want it to be.”

“It is.” He wrapped his arms around me. “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And I’m going to make sure you stay there.”

I brushed my lips against his. “So am I.”

Looking back, I never imagined that one night of steamy sex on the beach could change my life forever, but it did. Sometimes it’s the risks we take that lead us to exactly the place we need to be. For me, that place was in Chase’s arms. I’d never felt safer or stronger anywhere else before, and I knew it was a place I never wanted to leave.

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