The Alpha's Toy

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Blowing the hair off her face she stared down at her rounded stomach. “I hope you come out soon, buddy. I need to get out and shift or do something. I’m getting bigger than an elephant.” Rubbing her stomach, she glanced down at the instructions. Making a cot shouldn’t be this difficult. It was her first time trying to make anything.

Pushing her hair out of her way she knelt over the wood trying to figure out what each piece was.

The men were hammering away giving her a new porch. Zeke’s instructions were plain: do what she said.

Mary had hated it at first, but having a pack full of men wanting to be nice was a welcome relief. She was never without company. Jessica was also being taught at home, and she had some company at all times.

“Zeke’s going to have a fit when he sees what you’re trying to do,” Jane said, walking in with milk and cookies.

“Is that for me?” she asked.

“No, I’ve brought you milk and cookies to tease you. Of course they’re for you.” Jane placed the tray on the nearest free surface before taking a seat. “Let’s have a look at what you’re trying to do.”

Handing Jane the instructions Mary took a bite out of the baked cookies. After twenty minutes both of them hadn’t assembled the tough cot.

“This is for your man,” Jane said.

As if Jane’s words brought him to life, Mary looked in the doorway to see Zeke leaning against it. “I told you I’d deal with the cot when I got home.”

“I was bored, and you won’t let me do anything.”

“You’re pregnant. Carrying my baby and you’re a half breed. James instructed you to rest because of the dangers you face.”

Jane made herself scarce as Zeke entered the room. He picked her up from the floor, kissing her deeply before going to his knees to kiss her stomach.

“Now, my dear wife, what can I help you with?” She stared at the ring on his finger showing to the world who he belonged to.

“Nothing. You can kiss me and tell me how sexy you think I am.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt her cheeks heat as she struggled to get close to him. Her large stomach was once again in the way. “Forget telling me what you think of me.”

“Hey, you’re my beautiful, sexy, pregnant wife, and I’m going to love you no matter how big you get with my baby.”


He silenced her with his lips, and Mary couldn’t remember why they were having a little argument. The last six months had been bliss. She’d been mated, married, knocked up, and treasured. With Zeke’s arms wrapped around her, Mary felt like the luckiest woman in the world. The cot could wait, and so could all the repairs to the house. When Zeke, her Alpha, her husband, was home, everything else could wait.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too.”

Two months later, Mary gave birth to a strong healthy boy. She’d never forget the look on Zeke’s face as he stared down into his son. It was then she truly knew their love was absolute. The way he was looking at his son was similar to the way he looked at her.

The End

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