Tempt Me Like This

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Tempt Me Like This (The Morrisons #2)(98)
Author: Bella Andre

“And I’m so glad that everything worked out for Drew and Ashley,” Taylor said as she tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. A lock that Justin was dying to feel flowing through his fingers. “I thought they were sneaking romantic glances at each other that night in New Orleans for his birthday.”

And yet, somehow, she’d never noticed all the glances Justin was constantly sneaking at her. “They’re a perfect fit.” Just like we could be, he found himself thinking before he could shut it down the way he always had before. “And I know Grant is really happy to be working with both of them on the new label. He said it’s a perfect combination of his expertise with social networks and theirs with the music business.”

He was glad that his family was slowly starting to heal from losing their mom, especially Drew and Sean, who had both fallen in love. Justin had been lucky to have Taylor there for him from the start. But even though he couldn’t ask for a better friend, more and more lately, he’d gone to bed eaten up by frustration.

The stage lights were still down when Drew and Nicola started to play “Fire and Rain” with Drew on guitar and Nicola on piano. Slowly, the stage lights began to rise as their mesmerizing music floated out over the packed amphitheater…

And as Taylor grabbed Justin’s hand and sang along softly in an adorably off-key voice, he had to work harder than he ever had before to fight the craving that only grew bigger with every second that he tried to hide his feelings from his best friend.

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