Sinners at the Altar

Page 148

Eyes a bit watery with tears, Jace drew her against him and kissed her as if he never planned to stop. Passion and emotion warred within Aggie until her senses were so overwhelmed by Jace—her husband—she could do nothing but cling to him and let him have his way.

“You may kiss your bride,” the priest said unnecessarily and slammed his Bible shut.

The guests and bridal party clapped and cheered as the kiss deepened and their passion intensified. Tears of happiness leaked from beneath Aggie’s eyelids, and she didn’t bother trying to stem their flow. She and Jace were now one. In her heart, they’d always been one, but now she understood the importance of weddings. It allowed a couple and those they cared about to celebrate the rare and wondrous love that two people found in each other. What could possibly be more glorious than that?

A brilliant glow lit Aggie’s face from the enormous stained-glass window behind the altar. The sun had found a break in the clouds.

The cheers and applause died at once, replaced with gasps of astonishment and whispers. Aggie tugged her lips from Jace’s and turned her face toward the window. A pair of human-shaped, misty apparitions embraced before the glass. Aggie smiled. Thomas and Katherine had found their way back to each other. It was about damned time.

“I think they’re kissing,” she said to Jace.

“I guess they finally sorted things out.”

“Thanks for coming to our wedding,” Aggie called to Katherine and Thomas.

The fading figure of Thomas lifted a hand in farewell, wrapped an arm around his wife, and then they vanished together.

“Maybe love really is forever,” Aggie said, turning back to Jace, “and we really can spend eternity together.”

“I hope so, baby,” he said, squeezing her hand and staring deeply into her eyes. “But we’ve still got a lot of living to do first.”

“And loving,” she said, crushing his handsome face between her palms and grinning until she was sure her cheeks would explode. “That’s the best part.”

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