Page 128

They know each other.

My simple little world has been turned upside-down and has now just exploded on me. I need to escape. My legs kick into action, leaving behind the only two men I have ever loved.

William is a ghost to me and should stay that way.

But Miller is the heart beating in my chest.

Every pound of my feet on the steps jolts an image of him. Every inhale of breath spurs a memory of his words. Every thump of my heart spikes the absent feel of his touch. But nothing is worse than the imprint of his beautiful face on my mind’s eye as I run away.

Escape from him.

Hide from him.

Protect myself from him.

This is unquestionably the right thing to do. Everything indicates that I’m being wise – my head, my body . . . everything.

Except my fallen heart.

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