Once She Dreamed

Page 30

When he cupped my face with his other hand his thumb brushed my cheekbone. It trailed down my neck until stopping just before he reached my breast. My nipple hardened in need and I couldn’t believe I was reacting this way so quickly. There was an ache between my legs and I wanted to squeeze my thighs. I needed relief from what I was feeling and I was having trouble standing.

“That’s why,” he said softly as his lips finally broke. “We fit. Perfectly together.”

I wanted more of that kissing and words weren’t going to come to me right then. I stared wide-eyed and weak.

“I need to go now or we’ll move this further than need be moved at the moment.” He dropped his hands from my body and stepped back. “Enjoy your evening Sam.”

Then the man was gone.

I inhaled deeply seven or eight times before sinking back down on my bed. The tingling was still there, still wanting relief. I was a virgin, but I wasn’t ignorant. I knew what I needed to do.

When I heard the door close signaling he was gone I slid smoothly back on the bed. Slipped my hand down the front of my panties. The touch of my fingers against the swollen clit made me sigh with pleasure. I needed to finish what Hale had started.

With slow pressure I circled the sensitive nub and closed my eyes to reflect. Memories of his hands on my body, where I would’ve liked for him to touch, brought me to the release I required. I cried out, my legs shaking, as the wave of pleasure washed over my body to drown me.

This wasn’t the first time I had done this. But it was the first time I had an actual face to accompany my imagination. The smell of his skin still clung to me. I ran my palms over my breasts, gently pinching my hardened nipples. He had called me beautiful, was attracted to me and he wanted me with him in the city. Sure he did things I didn’t really like but he wasn’t what I was used to. He was making concessions for me. I had to do the same for him. My body reacted to Hale. It enjoyed his touch and pressures. I wanted more. Had to have it. And to have it I would remain.

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