Moonlight on Nightingale Way

Page 102

“Oh boy.” She shook her head at him as if she felt sorry for him. “You really need to learn faster than you’re learning. The best friend… that would be moi” – she gestured to herself – “is always included in everything that is not the actual sex.”

“And that’s the moment ruined for me.” Maia wrinkled her nose.

Logan snorted. “I think it’s just ruined, period.”

Chloe stuck her nose up in the air. “I’m not listening to your negativity. I’m going to go and get water for my beautiful and glowing best friend. I thought there was something different about you tonight.”

I nodded. “Uh-huh. Sure you did.”

She pushed back out of the circle and grabbed for Ed, dragging him out of the row and back up the stairs in search of drinks.

After hugging Juno and Charlie, I sat back down on my seat, this time with Logan’s arm around my shoulders.

We were silent as we all took in the significance of the news and of the moment.

And then Logan said, “Best rugby game ever.”

“Nothing can ruin this moment,” Maia added.

“Not even England beating Scotland?” Juno teased.

“Not even Charlie,” Logan said pointedly.

“Aw, thank you, sir,” Charlie said, sounding genuinely pleased.

At that I burst out laughing, falling into belly-aching giggles, and the sound was so infectious I took Logan, Maia, Charlie, and Juno with me.

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