Knight & Day

Page 56

He met Dylan’s eye in a moment of silent acknowledgement, then shuddered despite the warmth of the evening. “And now I feel like we just had sex.” He knocked his bourbon back in one huge slug, and Dylan turned away to hide his smile.

.It was the best of evenings.

A million stars lit the sky above them like an incandescent celestial map. Sophie rested her head back on Lucien’s arm and looked up as one streaked bright and brilliant across the skies over their heads.

“Shooting star,” she said. “Make a wish.”

“Can it involve fucking?” Lucien wasn’t at all bothered by the fact that they weren’t alone. Dylan and Kara knew exactly how it was between them.

Sophie laughed, equally unabashed. “You’re getting predictable.”

Lucien shook his head. “I don’t need to make a wish, Princess,” he said, his hand warm on the back of her hair. He glanced around the table. At Dylan and Kara, wrapped up in each other, and then back at Sophie, caught up in him. He loved them all. “It doesn’t get better than this.”


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