Page 136

Ethan (Alluring Indulgence #5)(136)
Author: Nicole Edwards

When their mouths separated, Ethan pushed him onto his back, smiling down at him as he rested on his side.

“You know, I could totally get used to that.”

“Yeah?” Beau questioned, still trying to catch his breath.


“Good, we’ll have to try… what are you doing?” Beau tried to pull away but before he knew it, Ethan had one of his arms strapped firmly in the cuff attached to the bed, his other arm pinned to the bed so he couldn’t release himself.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? It’s my turn.”

Beau noticed the wicked gleam in Ethan’s eyes and wondered for a brief second what exactly Ethan had in store for him.

“And baby, I’ve got a lot to pay you back for.”

Beau definitely liked the sound of that. “Bring it on,” he told his husband with a smirk.

The End

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