Dare to Surrender

Page 38

He waited. Everything he was—everything he cared about—was tied up in this woman. He’d give her the moon if that’s what she wanted.

Her eyes grew glassy. “All I ever dreamed of was having a family that was mine. People who loved me, who I loved, who appreciated one another, including their kids. Everything I never had growing up.”

She placed a hand over her stomach, and he covered her hand with his.

“That’s why I gave up everything for Lance, and when that turned out to be an illusion, like my childhood was, I was determined to know I could stand on my own. You gave me that.” Her smile lit up his world. “And even though it’s the antithesis of everything I told myself I needed, I just want to be home with any kids that we have. Because I love you, but more important, I trust you.”

Damn, but she undid him.

He lowered her to her feet, slid his hand behind her neck, and pulled her in for a long kiss. “I love you, Iz.”

“I love you too. Now let’s go see if we can’t get me one of those tests.”

He grabbed her hand, and together they made their way back to the suite, the same one they’d stayed in the first time. And there, on the baby grand piano, was a bucket of apple cider and, beside it, an early home pregnancy test.

The note read: Welcome to Eden, where reality is whatever you wish it to be.

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