Confessions of an Alli Cat

Page 57

Oh, and the winery.  Alex ended up buying into the winery, so we’re part owners now.  He gave it to me as an engagement present. He proposed on a cliff in Hawaii when we were there this past summer.  It was romantic and sweet and perfect.  Just like Alex.  The ring I’m wearing on my finger is enormous.  So huge and sparkling that it made Sara howl with envy, which of course is important.

Last but not least, my girl BB is as satisfied as a cat with a belly full of milk.  Or make that a cougar with a full belly. She gets waxed regularly now, every three months or so.  And that Waxer Girl was totally right.  It doesn’t hurt nearly as much after the first or second time. BB is bald and proud of it.  She’s a sassy wench.


I can tell by Alex’s tone that it’s not the first time he’s said my name.

I turn to him, staring at the way the morning sunlight falls against his handsome face.  I stroke a hand where the light hits him.

“Yes?” I ask sweetly.

“I was just going to ask where you wanted to get brunch.  But never mind.  I have a better idea in mind.”

He strides across the room and locks the bedroom door and then pushes me onto the bed with the wicked grin that I so, so love.

The movers can wait.

The End

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