Billionaire on the Loose

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“Condom, please,” he murmured between kisses, pressing his mouth over her neck and jaw over and over again. “If I’m not inside you in the next minute, I’m going to die.”

“Then put it on and hurry,” she told him, handing it over. Once he bent over her again, her nails went to his back and she dug them into his shoulder blades. He hissed and arched against her, face contorting. “Oh, god! Sorry,” she told him. “I just get too excited—”

“I love your little claws,” he told her, and settled his weight between her hips again, condom on. His mouth pressed against hers fiercely. “I love it when you mark me up, because I know I’m making you wild. I fucking love you and everything about you, Taylor.”

“I love you, too,” she panted, and when he stroked swiftly inside her, she cried out. Her nails dug into his skin again and she arched under him. “Love you! Love you so much.”

“Love you,” he groaned. “My Taylor. All mine.”

He thrust into her again, his movements wild, his strokes deep. And she loved it. She cried out with every push into her body, her heels digging into his backside as she encouraged him, her nails scratching joyous lines on his shoulders. And when she came, it was with the same reckless, wild abandon in which he thrust into her. He came shortly after, calling out her name as he pushed their joined bodies against the headboard with the force of their movements. The sex was brief, brutal, and utterly glorious.

Afterward, she lay under him, completely content. Her fingers trailed up and down his sweaty, perfect arm even as he pressed light, lingering little kisses on her cheek. She could lie there forever, she decided, her legs tangled with his, his cock in her, and no worries to be had, ever.

Somewhere on the floor, a phone buzzed with an incoming text.

Her gaze flicked to his. “Is that you?”

“Shouldn’t be.” He moved to her ear and nibbled it, and she moaned, her pussy clenching tight around his semi-erect cock still buried inside her. “You need to get it?”

“I don’t know who it’d be.” She didn’t want to get up, and he was doing the most delicious things to her ear with his tongue.

“Then answer it, and come back to bed.” He nipped at her earlobe. “But be quick.”

Oh, man, would she ever. Between kisses, she detangled her body from his and reluctantly left the bed to find her phone. It was still in her pocket, somewhere in her pants on the floor, and she pulled the phone out.

Sigmund’s name flashed up on her screen, and she had a moment of panic.

Sigmund: Can I play your toon tonight?

Her heart clenched with worry. No. Not when everything was going so perfect!

Sigmund: Matt invited me to a LAN party and they’re hosting an Excelsior battle tournament at the comic shop instead of Friday Night Magic. His toon’s crap so I thought maybe he could play yours for the evening. Is that ok with you?

She breathed a sigh of relief. Sig would be fine. He had friends outside of the game now. And even if he backslid, well, she couldn’t be responsible for him. He had to stand on his own two feet.

Taylor: I’m fine with that as long as your mom is cool with you playing.

Sigmund: Yep. You can text her if you want. She’s making snacks for me to bring to the comic shop so we have something to eat.

Taylor: Awesome! My Dragon Rider’s all yours. Have fun!

Sigmund: Sweet. Thanks!

She made a screenshot of the convo and sent it to Donna, just so she was aware, and then crawled back into bed with Loch.

“Everything okay?” he asked, pressing a kiss to her shoulder.

“Everything is perfect,” she told him, tossing the phone aside to climb on top of him.

And it was. It really, really was.


On their two-year anniversary, Taylor said yes to Loch’s proposal. They were in bed at dawn, tangled in the covers, on a day like any other. And because every day was perfection, she saw no reason to wait any longer. She’d told him that she’d wait to know she was sure, but she’d been sure for the entire time. There had been no one thing that made her hesitate, no doubts, no worries.

Sometimes you just knew. And two years seemed like a fine engagement period. She decided they could skip the engagement and go straight to marriage, and she told him so. Justice of the peace, church wedding, it didn’t matter to her.

But when Loch had suggested they get married in a custom-made gazebo shaped like a TARDIS? In specially designed Star Wars wedding costumes? With Excelsior wedding-cake toppers of their characters?

Well, okay. Some things were worth waiting for.

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