Billionaire Bond

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"You want this?" he said and smacked me on the ass harder than he’d ever done before. His palm felt like fire and tears came to my eyes. The rush of pleasure that followed was nearly unbearable.

"You want this? Answer me!" He smacked my ass again and then again while he pounded in and out of me. His fingers dug into my skin and each violent thrust shocked through my body. The pain and pleasure joined and spread over my body, electric fire running up my legs, spreading out from my core.

"Yes, I want this!" I cried out and he slapped my ass again. A fresh wave of tears came at the pain.

"I want this, Sir," he said, his voice thick and his breath fast.

"Yes, yes, yes," I moaned, feeling my orgasm building. It was roaring in from all parts of my body. He slapped me again and I screamed in pleasure.

"Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir," I babbled before all words left me and I was moaning as his fingers dug into my hips and pulled me back and forth. I was helpless before him, barely able to keep my grip on the lounge arm as he fucked me.

He hit me one more time and it tipped me over the edge. The roaring fire burst across me and my legs went weak as my pussy convulsed around him. I heard him groan and his breath speed up and then I felt him cum, his hard cock throbbing inside of me. I squeezed muscles that had been out of my control and heard him take in a sharp breath.

"Delilah," he said, trying to catch his breath. I felt a droplet of sweat land on my back before he pulled himself out of me and I sighed with pleasure.


I heard Mr. Stone remove the condom and dispose of it while I stood there with my throbbing ass in the air, holding on to the side of the lounge. I closed my eyes, enjoying the fading echoes of warmth rippling through my body.

I didn’t hear him put his clothes on so when he gently touched me on the back I started when I opened my eyes. I stood up and took the robe, wrapping it around me. He looked down at the charcoal mark over my left nipple and smiled at me. In the dull glow of the fireplace everything was in shades of red and black.

He stepped closer, put his arm around me and gently traced a finger over my throbbing ass.

"You want this?"

This time it was a question, not a command. My ass was hurting, the skin tingling but there was still a deep pleasure tied to it. I’d never experienced anything like this before.

"I want this, Sir."

As I said it, I knew it was more true than anything I’d ever said to any man in my life. I wanted this. I wanted him. I wanted him beyond all measure of control.

Mr. Stone kissed me and pulled back, his hands on my hips. I held his forearms and looked into his beautiful eyes.

"I need to trust you. I need to know you trust me. If we are to continue."

"I trust you," I said, stepping closer to him and kissing him back even as I felt my stomach sink. Twice now he’d asked if he could trust me and twice now I’d lied. If he’d noticed my deception, he said nothing and somehow this made it all the worse but I simply couldn’t repeat my lie again. What did he mean continue? Continue fucking? Continue as boss and assistant?

"Come with me," he said and took me by the hand. He led me to the corner of the room and opened a door that was so well disguised as part of the wall I’d have never found it even in broad daylight. A small light came on below us revealing a short corridor ending with a large black door.

Mr. Stone pulled me down the corridor and then removed a small black key from his pocket. He inserted it into the door which unlocked with a soft click. The door swung open and Mr. Stone pulled me inside into the darkness.

As we stepped in, indirect lights turned on and illuminated the huge room. As the light brightened I tried to take in what I was seeing. There were soft ropes of varying lengths down one wall and chains on the other. Between them were tables of various shapes and sizes and something that looked like a wooden barrel with spokes set all around it. There were chains ending in leather cuffs hanging from the ceiling and cases set into the walls holding dildos, vibrators, handcuffs and other sex toys I’d never seen before. The lights on the far wall flickered to life revealing whips, a variety of riding crops, paddles and dark red clothes pegs.

I took it all in, my mind reeling. It was a dungeon. One built by a man who needed bondage as part of his life. Built by a man who wanted to be in control.

I turned to Mr. Stone and saw he had been watching me, judging my reaction.

"I need to trust you. I need you to trust me. I am dominant. In business, in life and in bed. If you are going to be with me then you need to be submissive."

I looked around the room and tried to calm myself but it was no use. My skin was still tingling from before and everywhere I looked was something else that set my imagination ablaze.

Should I just walk out? I was at Stone-Black to uncover their crimes and then show them to the world. Could I do that now? Was I giving up everything I believed in for some man? Some dark and damaged man?

I looked at Mr. Stone and saw the mask was gone. He had taken off a small piece of armor and risked everything by bringing me here. I saw that what I said in this moment would bring us together or smash his heart so hard he’d never reveal himself again.

"Do you trust me? Can I trust you?"

He took my hand and I stepped closer to him.

"I trust you. You can trust me."

He kissed me on the cheek and I realized what I’d just said was completely true. I couldn’t betray him. Not now.

"Come with me," he said and pulled me along behind him.

I caught a glimpse of my face in a mirror set into the wall. I saw a girl swept up in the moment. I saw a girl lying to her boss.

I saw a girl lying to herself.

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