At His Insistence

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At His Insistence (The Billionaire’s Beck and Call #4)(5)
Author: Delilah Fawkes

“I’m glad you changed your mind,” he growled, and thrust himself inside of me, impaling me on his girth.

I cried out, my body overly sensitive from the orgasm he’d already given me, every nerve on fire as he filled me the way I so desperately needed. He pulled all the way out, and dipped a finger into my wetness, then thrust back inside.

I moaned, loving the way he fit just right, stretching me to an almost painful degree. His fingers dug into my ass cheeks as he began moving, stroking in and out of me as I held onto the chain for dear life. When his finger found my pucker, I gasped against him.

“I love this ass of yours, little slave. The things I’m going to do to you here,” he growled, f**king me harder.

I yelled as the tip of his finger pushed past the ring of muscle, stinging and sending jolts of pleasure through me simultaneously as he invaded me.

“Would you like that, slave? Would you like to be taken in the ass by your master?”

He gripped my waist with his other hand, pulling me up and down onto his c**k harder than ever, bucking up into me with each thrust, his finger working its way further into my ass as he spoke.

“Y-yes!” I cried.

I’d never had a man there before, but the way he said what he wanted to do to me made me weak with desire. I wanted him to take me everywhere. I wanted to be totally his and learn at his hand.

“Good girl,” he grunted.

He removed his finger, then roughly pulled my bra down over my br**sts, trussing them up before him. He held me in both arms now, and leaned in, suckling first one nipple into his mouth, then the other as he pumped in and out of my eager body. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair, to caress him and hold him, but I was his prisoner, trapped above, being used for his will, and his alone.

I screamed as he bit a nipple and slapped my ass hard. The stinging made my pu**y clench around him, ratching up my pleasure in a way that made my head spin. He moved to the other nipple and bit down, spanking me again, and again as he made me his, taking me harder and faster.

My arms were growing tired, and I could no longer hold the chain for support. I hung there, trusting him as he slapped and bit and slid in and out of me, covering my body in a riot of sensation, pain and pleasure merging into one beautiful symphony of desire.

He licked his way up to my neck, teasing and kissing, even as he mercilessly f**ked me from below. I was wailing now, my voice echoing off the walls as I rode him. When his teeth closed on my throat, I came undone, my orgasm crashing over me, my heartbeat thudding in my ears as he bit me harder, marking me.

His hands clenched my ass hard, and he moaned against my skin. His erection jumped inside of me, and I knew he was cumming, filling me with his hot seed. For a moment, I wished we didn’t have the condom between us, but the thought flickered away as another convulsion took me, making my eyes roll back in my head.

His bites turned to kisses as he held me close, thrusting in one last, slow time before finally pulling out. He crushed me to him as he undid my restraints, then lowered my feet gently to the floor. My legs felt like they might fail, and I leaned against him, smiling and exhausted.

“Oh, Isa,” he said, and kissed my hair. “Please tell me you’ll be mine. Tell me you really have changed your mind?”

I nodded, and pulled back so I could look into his eyes. “I trust you, Sir… I’ll be yours.”

He swept me into his arms, kissing me tenderly in a way that made my toes curl all over again. When he broke away and moved toward the shelves, I knew what was coming next. He brought me the box containing the two collars and opened it, offering it to me once again.

I reached in and took the leather one, rolling it over in my fingers. It was soft, but strong. Just like me, I thought, and smiled at the notion. He helped me buckle it on, then led me to a mirror on one side of the room. We stood side by side, him with his suit pants still on, me with my br**sts bursting out of my bra, and his collar around my neck. I ran my fingers over it, admiring the way it looked. The way it fit.

The way it made me feel.

“I’m really yours,” I said softly, and he nodded beside me.

“Isabeau, you have no idea what kind of things I have in store for you. We’ll begin your training tomorrow, in the office.”

“My training?” My eyes widened, but I had to admit, I liked the sound of that.

He ran his fingers over the tops of my br**sts, his green eyes boring into mine, even in our reflection.

“Oh yes. Every submissive needs training. How else will you know how to please me?”

I shivered beneath that stare. Training at his hand… and in the office, no less!

“I think I’m going to enjoy this,” I said.

Mr. Drake slapped my ass, and grinned in the dim light of the dungeon. “I’ll make sure of that, little slave.”


To Be Continued…

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