At His Command

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At His Command (The Billionaire’s Beck and Call #3)(4)
Author: Delilah Fawkes

A new woman. A new beginning. A new Isabeau.

“Yes, slave. Take it all. All that I have to give you,” he growled, pulling the swing back onto him, using me like a toy. His toy.

He jerked the chain again, and I wailed like an animal, my inhibitions flowing out of me like water as he took control. I let go, giving myself  over as he f**ked me harder, savoring each moment, each different texture of lovemaking, each sting and pulse, each jolt and caress.

I squeezed around my master, already on the edge again, unbelieving even as I accepted it was possible with this man. Everything was possible.

“Cum for me, Isabeau,” he commanded, and released the nipple clamps, creating a wave of aching pain as the blood rushed back.

I did as I was told, shaking with the force of it as my pleasure crashed over me, sweeping me away, rocking my body as it rocked my mind, tearing away all of my old notions of what sex could be, should be.

I heard him groan, and felt him cumming inside of me, the thought bringing me to another high as I knew I’d finally pleased him. My boss. My master.

I must have blacked out for a moment, but when my eyes fluttered open again, he was there, rubbing my wrists in his strong hands as he undid the cuffs, then moved to my ankles, releasing me. He lifted me gently out of the sling, and carried me to a corner of the room covered in soft pillows. He knelt down, then pulled me into his lap. He kissed my hair and neck, then trailed soft kisses across my forehead and cheeks.

“How do you feel?” he said, his voice full of concern.

I smiled sleepily and leaned against him, overcome by the feelings bubbling up inside of me.

“Good. Different… but good.”

“That’s my girl.”

He tilted my head up and kissed my lips softly, making me melt at the tenderness of it, after what we’d just done.

“I was worried you might change your mind about being with me. Like this.”

I looked into his eyes. The uncertainty there startled me.

“Of course not.”

He kissed my hair again, then set me down.

“Wait here, little temp. I have something for you.”

I leaned back against the pillows, feeling tired and sore and delicious all over, the soft ache between my legs and in the peaks of my br**sts sweet reminders of his touch.

He returned and knelt before me, handing me a black, leather box. I raised an eyebrow.

“Open it. They’re for you, if you want them.”

I lifted the lid, and gasped at what lay within. There was a thin, black leather collar and beside it a gorgeous platinum choker, dotted with winking diamonds, a tiny charm hanging from the front in the shape of a lock. It must have been worth a fortune.

I had no words.

“Every good slave needs a collar, Isabeau. If you’re to be mine, you’ll need one when we play… and one to wear to the office.” He looked deeply into my eyes. “Will you accept these? Will you be mine?”

My mind spun, the magnitude of the diamonds making me feel uncomfortable, but the gesture making me tingle from head to toe. I’d never owned anything so precious by far, but could I accept such a lavish gift? And if I did, what would it mean?

Something told me this was far more than just going steady.

I’d be collared. His slave. His woman. His.

But for how long?

The office gossip came back to me, the words of the ladies around the water cooler echoing in my mind. None of his assistants lasts long. He’s impossible to please.

If I accepted his offer, how long would it be before he was sick of me? Would he just fire me out of hand like the assistant before me? Or was this something special? Different?

I looked down at the collars and back at Mr. Drake, the man who was slowly stealing my heart.

Could I do this? Could I let him be my master? Could I wear his collar?

He stared back at me, expecting an answer.

But at that moment, I didn’t have one.


To Be Continued…

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