Alpha Bait

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Taking her hand, he pulled out of her heat and led her out of the room. They were na**d as they passed Mandy. Nakedness never bothered any of his pack. Mandy smiled at them as they passed.

“My alpha and queen.” She bowed her head, and Victoria stopped.

“You’re my best friend.” As Victoria wrapped her arms around Mandy Scorch watched the tenderness inside her come alive. “Thank you so much for accepting me into your pack.”

“This is your pack now. Go and have a run so everyone gets a chance to feel you both together.” Mandy herded them out of the door.

Once they were outside the front gate, he watched her turn into the most beautiful red wolf he’d ever seen. Turning into his wolf, he felt the acceptance of the pack as they all felt them together.

“Congratulations,” David said, thinking the words.

“Well done, alpha.”

“Welcome to the pack, Victoria.”

All of their acceptances came to the pair of them. He sensed the emotions change within her. Victoria was part of their pack and had finally been given a family. Her wolf tucked herself against his side.

“I know, baby, I know. We’re a family, and they all love you as one of their own.”

He stepped forward waiting for her to follow him. Together they moved away from the house and charged forward. The power of the full moon fell over their backs herding them on their run.

David and the rest of their pack followed behind them. Together they ran forward, heading as a family toward the future. Scorch knew that Victoria had come to him in order to lure him away, but in doing so, he’d found his mate and the woman destined to be his woman.

When they were on the edge toward The Clan, the other wolves bowed down thanking them. Scorch had made friends with Julie and wanted the other pack to know they were always welcome on his lands. He didn’t believe in fighting with other packs. They were all the same, and Victoria had lost so much with this pack. It was only fair for all of them to move on.

For the rest of the night they ran with the pack enjoying each other’s company. Victoria stayed by his side. Early the next morning he woke up with Victoria in his arms, and he smelled the change inside her. His mate was pregnant with his child.


Ten years later

Scorch looked outside of his window and laughed. Victoria was lying on the ground with over twenty children surrounding her. They were all laughing and copying what she was doing as they made angels in the snow. Four of the children were their own, and from the smell of her, he knew she was pregnant once again.

In the last few years their pack had thrived. Mandy and David had over five children of their own. Thinking of the other woman he saw Mandy approaching the group. They were all rounded up for dinner.

The Clan had accepted the boy, Ben, as their new alpha. Julie and Edward guided him together. Scorch and Victoria had been present for Julie and Edward’s mating. It was amazing to see love between the two even though Edward was getting on in years.

The bedroom door opened, and Victoria was in his arms seconds later.

“Hello, Mate,” she said, snuggling in close.

“Mandy feeding them?”

“Yes, she’s waiting for us to go down there as well.” Her stomach growled.

“You’re hungry, baby?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“I’m always hungry.”

“You’re expecting another, my love.” He ran his hand over her rounded stomach.

“Again?” she asked. She’d given birth over three years ago to their last son.


She wrapped her arms around his neck. “This calls for a celebration.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Slamming his lips down on hers, he stepped back to close the door. The rest of the pack could wait for their celebration. He was taking his right now in her willing body.

The End

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