A Tale Of Two Dragons

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A Tale Of Two Dragons (Dragon Kin 0.2)(30)
Author: G.A. Aiken

“I don’t report to you,” the idiot boy snarled at her.

That’s when Addolgar’s second oldest daughter stepped into her cousin and stared him in the eye. Not even an inch shorter than the very large Éibhear, she glared at him until three more of Addolgar’s tall, powerfully built daughters came out as well . . . and surrounded the idiot boy. Without a word, they overpowered their cousin without raising a weapon or issuing a threat. Their presence alone was a threat. Understanding that, the idiot boy snarled but turned around and went back into the cave.

His daughters faced Addolgar and Braith, waved, and said together, “Hi, Daddy.”

“My beautiful daughters.”

“We’ll keep an eye on Éibhear tonight,” his eldest offered with a smile that she had clearly inherited from her mother. “If you and Mum need some time alone.”

Giggling, his daughters went back inside and Addolgar looked at his mate, grinned.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look prouder,” Braith noted.

“Because I have perfect daughters, just like their mum, and . . . sturdy, reliable sons.”

She laughed. “Sturdy and reliable? If that’s the best you can do for our sons.”

“It is. But,” he promised her, “I’m sure after several hours alone with me beautiful mate, I can come up with something much, much better.”

Pulling him toward town, Braith teased, “Well, when you give me an offer like that, Addolgar the Cheerful, I don’t see how any female with a passionate love of hammers can turn you down. . . .”

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